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Why are we the Best Roof Replacement firm in Clearwater, FL?

1) Pricing

Pinellas Roofs offers a free estimate for the clients. Materials to be used for the project, timeframe for the job, cost of input materials, and other associated vital information will be given to the customer before the job.

2) Skilled Professionals

We are certified by the state authorities in Clearwater, FL, and are licensed to undertake roofing works. If an employee gets injured while working at your house, you need not worry since we are covered under insurance. Our employees are trained by industry experts and undergo periodic training to stay ahead of the game.


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3) Risk-free

Choosing Pinellas Roofs in Clearwater, FL, is choosing peace of mind. Our service comes with a risk-free guarantee. So what does it mean? In case you are not satisfied with our work, you need not pay a penny.

4) Time Lock

Any estimate given by us for a roofing service stands unchanged for one year. We won’t lure you into signing the contract by giving you artificially inflated discounts.

5) Get a free estimate

We provide our customers with a free estimate for all of our services, such as roof installation, roof replacement, and roof repair. Our cost estimate is in written format and not a verbal one, and it will give you a clear idea of the project.

6) Quality

Our quality control mechanism is on par with the industry leaders. We meticulously screen the Input materials at our in-house metal shop before being transported to the workplace for installation in Clearwater, FL.

7) Variety of Services

Pinellas Roofs offers a range of services in Clearwater, FL, that include roof repair, roof installation, roof replacement, roof design, infrared roof inspection, and roof management.

8) Customer Support

Our executives are happy to clarify your doubts regarding the roof works. We prefer to meet you in person or talk to you through the phone rather than answering your queries on voice mail. When it comes to an estimate, we provide you with a comprehensible quotation so that you will understand where your money goes—having doubts in the estimate? Just give a call to us; our staff will arrive at your place to explain it better.

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9 Things to Know While Choosing a Roof Replacement Firm in Clearwater, FL

1) Check Reviews

Looking for reviews and testimonials online is one of the easiest ways to narrow down the excellent roof replacement companies. For well-founded evidence, ask your friends and relatives about the companies they contracted for their roofing needs.

2) Skillset

Not all roofing companies are the same. Some are amazing, some are amateur, and some are abominable. So, how do you filter the experts from the ordinaries? The key is to look for the skill set a company possesses. A roofing company should have immense knowledge about the raw materials, repairing mechanisms, tools, and the like.

3) Effective & Efficient

A professional roofing company will abide by the provisions listed in the agreement. It should finish the job before the deadline by using the funds earmarked for the project. Pay attention to their past projects and the manner the company handled those works. Don’t hesitate to reject a company that failed to adhere to the agreements.

4) Cost isn’t everything

Don’t get lured by artificially ballooned discounts. The company may end up finishing the job using substandard materials just to limit the cost within the agreed budget. The problem doesn’t stop there. The structure may age fast and development issues such as cracks and dark spots. Always choose quality over quantity.

5) Guarantee

A self-assured company will give a guarantee for their works. Choosing such a company translates into peace of mind because such companies will step in again if the structure develops flaws in the future.

6) Manufacturing Designations

Check if the company has manufacturer accreditation. Having manufacturer accreditation means one has passed the stipulated requirements and awaiting certification.

7) Ask for Past Work Samples

While meeting a contractor in person, ask for the photos of past projects. You can also check for samples on a contractor’s website. It will give you an insight into the works a contractor has done. Also, ask for the contacts of the clients for whom the contractor has worked. Talking to the clients will give you an idea of how things will pan out with the contractor.

8) Get Multiple Bids

Getting quotations from different contractors will put you in the driver’s seat. You can make an informed decision and avoid being overcharged. However, don’t get fooled by the lowest quotation.

9) Evade Storm Chasers

Don’t get carried away by storm chasers. They generally pop up at your door and tell you that your house has storm damage. Do not fall for their words. Instead, choose a local roofer who has satisfied and traceable clients.

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FAQs on Roof Replacement

1) When Should I Replace my Roof?

Carefully scan the roof. If you find faults such as algae growth on the structure, dark spots, missing granules/shingles, fissures, mold formation, it means that your roof is aging. You may have to replace the roof if it has multiple problems.

2) How will I know if I need to replace shingles or the entire roof?

A roof is not just a roof. It has multiple layers; shingles, leak barrier, ridge cap shingles, and attic ridge vent are some of those layers. Each has distinct functionality. While the topmost shingles are designed to long last, synthetic roof deck protection acts as second-layer protection and fights roof rot. If multiple layers sustained damages and are beyond repair, it is indeed time for a roof replacement.

3) If my roof leaks, should I replace the entire roof?

Not necessarily. At times, what may appear to be significant damage might be a minor one. However, the longer you wait to fix the issue, the worse the problem gets. A professional roofing contractor will inspect the roof and tell you how big the problem is.

4) Can I install my roof?

Perfectly Installing a roof is not a child’s play. Of course, one can install the roof by referring to the manuals and ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) handbooks. However, it is a herculean task to match the thoroughness of a professional. The haphazard installation will negatively impact the roof’s age. Also, remember that your roof won’t get covered under warranty if it was not installed by a professional.
5) Can I install the new roof over the old roof?

Though it is possible and you can save removal cost, the roof won’t last long. Likewise, the additional weight will put more pressure on the roofing structure.

6) My roof is of Asphalt Shingle. Can I replace it with Metal or Slate?

Yes, it is 100% possible to opt for metal or slate. However, a few factors have to be taken into consideration. For example, certain slopes are not compatible with specific materials. Similarly, to accommodate slate, the roofing structure needs to undergo a customization procedure for the best possible results.

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