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Why are we the Best Roof Repair Company in Clearwater, Florida?

1) Insured Employees

We care about our employees and dislike taking chances. Pinellas Roofs strictly adhere to the rules and regulations laid down by the authorities. Hence, our employees are 100% insured.

2) 100% Customer Satisfaction:

We believe in satisfying the needs of customers to the fullest. At Pinellas Roofs, we understand that requirements and tastes differ from customer to customer. For that reason, we have adopted a personalized approach to addressing the customers’ problems. It has helped us to serve our customers better.

3) Experienced Professionals:

Just have a quick look at our past works; our potential will convince you. Be it a badly fixed roof, Leaky roof or a chaotically installed roof, our employees’ hands will do wonders to the structure. Our workers are trained from scratch and are fully educated on the materials involved in the project.

4) Trustworthy:

Pinellas Roofs is as transparent as a glass ceiling. Want to have a word with our past customers? We are delighted to connect you with them so that you can make an informed decision. Given the number of available roofing companies in Clearwater, it is indeed a tiresome task to zero in on one. Hence, we strongly urge you to talk to our customers; because reviews do not lie.

5) Get a perfect roof:

When it comes to good roofing, two things matter — quality material and good installation. A perfectly installed top-quality roof will easily keep your family protected, not for years but at least two decades. Choose us for a foolproof ceiling or to fix a Leaky roof in Clearwater, FL.

6) Customer is our top priority:

Our uncompromising adherence to the building principles, ethics, and constant upgrade to the contemporary state-of-the-art technologies help us serve our customers better. With years of hands-on experience, our urge to cater to the needs of our customers only grows big.

7) We are certified:

Pinellas Roofs is a factory-certified contractor. Remember: Only a handful of contractors have been certified as qualified contractors. We are also licensed by the authorities to perform roofing works and are fully covered under insurance. Our professionals periodically undergo training to stay ahead of the game.

8) Benefits:

Choosing Pinellas Roofs in Clearwater, FL, is choosing excellence. First things first — we have years and years of experience in providing roofing solutions. Next, come the affordability and the free roof inspection. We use high-quality materials, and we deliver rapid service to customers. Last but not least, we care about our environment and thus adopted a 100% recycle approach.

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9 Things You Need to Know Before Choosing a Roof Repair Firm in Clearwater, FL

1) Choose a Local Company

Roping in a local company for your roofing needs gives you many an advantage. Firstly, in case you find a fault in the roof, it is quite easy to contact the company for rectification. Likewise, a local company will know about the weather conditions of a particular area like the back of its hand. It will come in handy for the company to choose a perfect roofing solution.

2) Follow-ups

Pay attention to the way the company communicates with you. If your calls/texts/emails are left unanswered for an unreasonable time, it’s time to rethink your decision on choosing such a company. Ensure that the company provides you with all the required papers.

3) Go for an Insured Company

Accidents are inevitable at workplaces. Keep in mind that an insured company is what you need to cater to your roofing needs. Please do check whether the company is insured and licensed in Clearwater, FL, by the relevant authorities to undertake roofing projects.

4) Look for Recommendations

Banking on the reviews is a time-tested method to narrow down the good companies. Always ask your friends, relatives, and colleagues, whether they know of any trustworthy roofing solution companies. The more good reviews a company has got, the more you can rely on it.

5) Get a Written Estimate

It is quite usual for a roofing solutions company to give you a cost estimate. Bear in mind that a written estimate is what you have to ask from a company. Never hesitate to outrightly reject a company whose only interest is to seal the deal with a verbal estimate hurriedly.

6) Insurance Coverage

There is a risk factor involved in hiring a contractor who is not covered under insurance. In case of property damage or injury at the workplace, you will be accountable for the loss. Ensure that the contractor’s insurance coverage not only includes general liability but also compensation for workers. At a customer’s request, Pinellas Roofs in Clearwater, FL, is transparent to show its insurance documents.

7) Warranty

Good contractors offer a warranty for their work for a specific period. If the roof malfunctions during the warranty period, a contractor is ought to visit your place, inspect the structure, and fix the flaws.

8) Agreements

Akin to the estimate, agreement too should be in writing. A professionally drafted agreement should detail the project features, the timeframe of the project, how much the client will be charged, and the date and mode of payment. Make sure you pay the contractor only after the job is completed. It will apply some liability on the contractor to finish the job in compliance with the agreement provisions.

9) Payment Method

Be clear on how the cost will be settled once the contractor finishes the job. Discuss your budget with the contractor to avoid unnecessary costs. A good contractor will be keen to finish the project within your budget with the best available materials.

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FAQs of Roof Repairs

1) Should I repair or replace my roof?

It depends. In case your roof has just a couple of leaks but not worn out, you may not need to replace it. However, if it is broken/ fissured/shabby, has missing pieces or has multiple leaks, you may have to consider replacing it.

2) What is the pricing?

Estimating the cost of repairing or replacing the roof is depending on various factors. It includes the age of the roof, the type of shingles used, and the number of layers. These are some of the factors that need to be considered to arrive at an estimate.

3) How to know if my roof needs repair?

Look for curling/buckling/sagging/cracked shingles; check if sunlight passes through the roof; bald and dark spots on shingles indicate that the structure is aged. For a thorough inspection, rope in a roofing professional.

4) What Should I Do If My Roof Is Leaking?

Careful inspection on the roof would tell whether it needs to be replaced or just repaired. However, it can be done only by a roofing professional.

5) Why is Venting Important?

A properly ventilated structure will significantly reduce room temperature. An overheated room will damage the roof and reduce its age. In winter, good ventilation does not allow the moist air to circulate inside the attic for a long period.

6) What is the time taken for a roofing project?

Installation of a composition asphalt roof for a typical home often goes like this:

Day 1: Removal of the existing roof and other associated works.

Day 2: Inspection by the city/county inspector. Installation begins.

Day 3: Installation completed.

Day 4: The inspector examines the structure and approves it.

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